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Microsoft Launches Send: Hassle Free Outlook For Those Quick Conversations

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Microsoft has launched a brand new messaging app today, that will replace outlook for those short and snappy wherabout conversations of yours on mail. The new app is called Send, and interestingly goes live on just iOS as of now.

Quite aptly christened Send, and launched by folks over at the Microsoft Garage, the app at first glance, looks very similar to any of the millions of IM apps out there. However, the app is specifically designed for scenarios when you have someone’s e-mail, but not their phone number — as is often the case with work place associates. That’s where Send comes in.

Using this app, you can send simple and quick text message to your e-mail contacts from Outlook. What’s more, all of your conversations are saved in Outlook itself for later reference. All this without having to go through the pain of coming up with a subject line or formal email constructs for something as simple as a request to photocopy a document.

Neither are there unnecessary complications in the form of signatures, subject lines or salutations, which are more of a pain in the neck then we are willing to admit, during those super busy office hours.

Microsoft’s blog post, had this to say about Send,

Our design principle for the app was to make conversations fast and fluid while keeping the people who are important to you at its core.

The messages although not strictly e-mail, will still adhere to every particular organization’s email compliance policy and are treated like any other work email.

The app also makes searching through messages for later reference very easy. Although synced with Outlook, it keeps its hands off the full lengths mail you receive there, only taking out contact details and storing the Send conversations on Outlook. What this means, is that you can quickly browse through your Send conversation and contacts in a matter of minutes while on the app, without having to sift through your e-mail.

Microsoft is also planning to keep bringing updates to the app, starting with more IT controls, which it says will be added in the coming months. For now though, user have been invited to take part in a YamJam session, where they can ask questions, give feedback and learn more about the app. Here are the details to participate in the YamJam.

To join the YamJam:

  1. Request access to the Office 365 IT Pro Network.
  2. Join the Send app group. You can find it by using the Browse Groups function or through the search bar.
  3. Log in at 9:00 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, July 28th to ask questions and provide feedback about Send.

All in all, Send is going to be a very handy tool for professionals to carry around in their devices. However, IM features, minus the need to share your phone number, may possibly make it a favorite with the general public as well — assuming an open, community version does come out in the future.

The app is available in the US and Canada for Iphone users — and will work for people with Office 365 business and school email accounts — with roll out for other platforms expected soon.

Send is available now as a free download from iTunes.


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