Instagram Brings In Search, Geo-tagging And Other Improvements To It’s Web Hub

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Instagram, which revolutionized the picture clicking and sharing experience on mobile but hasn’t done much after that, is taking steps to ensure that it’s web interface, a sidekick to the acclaimed mobile app, can actually live up to its brand name.

Starting today, users will have the option to search hashtags, profiles and locations on Insta’s web hub, What’s more, landing pages for Geo-tags and hashtags are now available and — my personal favorite — searching for a particular location, will bounce you to the top image results for that place.

The changes are part of Instagram’s drive to improve its erstwhile, lacklustre web interface which faced wide criticism from many quarters.

Speaking on the recent flurry of improvements, an Instagram spokesperson said,

While is designed to be complementary to the mobile apps, it’s important to the global conversations that happen on Instagram.

Although Instagram is mainly a mobile app and most of its content is generated via smartphones, Web embeds occupy a top position on Insta’s priority list, generating nearly 5.3 billion impressions — according to a recent statement by the company.

With news sites such as Facebook and Twitter, rapidly increasing their virtual footprint — specially on the web –Instagram, with its outdated website and user interface, looked to be in a bad position. However, the newly added search and tagging features, along with a better website design and the option to store and view high-resolution images have finally brought some much-needed improvements that hopefully, will lead to a progressively better web experience.


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