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Google Is Pulling The Plug Off Google+ Photos From August 1

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In an attempt to bring its new standalone Google Photos app under the spotlight,  Google has today announced that it will be shutting down the rather insignificant and dormant Google+ Photos from 1 August.

Do not confuse Google+ Photos with Google Photos though. Both are rather two different things, and it is obvious to become a confusion, even I keep this post as lucid as possible.

The new stand-alone without-plus Google Photos app, which went live on May, will not require you to be signed up to the Google+ social network, unlike its Google + counterpart. It means that all users on Android, web and iOS will be able to use the app.

You’ll also get automatic syncing to Google Drive, a new timeline and automatic grouping of photos by people, places and things.

Moreover, the standalone platform is more powerful than its Google+ counterpart and would give users unlimited storage of 16MP photos and 1080p videos for free. In addition to that, other features like editing options and the ability to share photos or videos via links, rather than through emails would also be available once the users shift to Google Photos.

You can port all your stuff to this new standalone app with the help of a new tool provided by Google on its Google+ Photos page.

Even if you don’t immediately switch to the new, standalone app, Google+ Photos will continue to store your photo and video content at until you are ready to. You also have the option to export that data using Google Takeout.


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