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Apple Debuts Fresh Iphone Ad, Showcases 1.5 Million Apps On The App Store

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It’s been ten days since Apple launched it amazing new iPhone ad campaign and in the wake of this campaign, the Cupertino giant has  today debuted a third ad in the series, focusing on the array of apps available in the App Store.

Following ads last week about “Hardware & Software” and “Love,” the new app is called “Amazing Apps.” The new ad, which is a part of Apple’s “If it’s not an iPhone” marketing push, showcases the kaleidoscope of 1.5 million next to perfect applications that App Store embodies for its users and as touted by Apple, are “hand-picked, awe-inspiring, and just plain surprising.”

From games to educational and productivity apps, a variety of titles are showcased on the screens of a seemingly endless sea of iPhones. As is the case with all of the ads in this series, this ad ends with the tagline, “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.”

The new ads reveal a marked change in direction from previous iPhone media campaigns that relied on story-driven narrative rather than direct facts.

The first ad of the series focused on how Apple is responsible for both the hardware and software features of the iPhone. The case on an Android device is different with both the segments being handled by separate companies.

The other one highlights the popularity of iPhone among people and how satisfied the users are with these master units. Apple touted that 99 percent of people love their device and feel no need of shifting to other platform.

Although Apple itself does not mention its battle against Android platform, we can obviously put the two in comparison. Apple underscored the segment where it already has a leap against all platforms, a better filtered and curated App Store.

Same is the case with all other ads, with Apple putting focus on its stronger segments. With hardware and software being treated under the same shelter, Apple gets to directly address the worries of its users. “Love” on the other hand stated a rather obvious fact, iPhone is loved by all.

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