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Oxstren’s Smart Glove Makes Your Gym Workout As Comprehensive And Data-Driven As It Can Get

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Fitness is the new fad among us. And tech brands across the globe are busy leeching out profits from this new found ‘fad’ through numerous wearables. However, while these wearables do provide you with information like heart rate, respiratory levels and etc., none provides you info about your workout, as comprehensively as this new smartglove from an Indian startup, Oxstren.

You see, features in almost all wearables currently in market today, pretty much end at calculation of numerous medical parameters within your body, with none providing anything apart from those numbers. And when it comes to people who pump iron in gyms, the current set of gadgets available have hardly any sort of practical use for them.

Enter Oxstren: developers behind world’s first Smart Gym Glove — a gadget born largely out of this startup’s sheer dissatisfaction with all the fitness trackers out there. The team thus set out to develop Smart fitness accessories to be worn during workout sessions, which could provide real-time, comprehensive data as well as analysis of your current activity. Hey Gyms, your much needed disruption Is perhaps here.

Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I was impressed by how the engagement with a fitness tracker & App would make one more aware about his fitness maintenance, but the lack of utility in a gym / crossfit studio handicapped its impact for the more serious indoor workout person. When the search for the comprehensive and an actual fitness tracker didn’t yield any positives, I decided to take charge, filed patents, started a R&D center, found a Co- Founder and with a team of 13 today, we are diverse and strong

says Pratik, Founder and CEO of Wearable Tech startup Oxstren 

Oxstren Smart Glove is an intelligent wearable pair of gloves to be worn during your workout sessions, featuring a group of electronic sensors beneath the sweat resistant layers and a smart fabric made of leather and latex which is developed and patented by Oxstren.

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The working of the glove can be visualized in three stages:

Data Acquisition

Through the smart sensors on the glove, Oxstren measures essential metrics of the body while working out such as :

  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Core Temperature
  • Hydration
  • Calories Burnt
  • Form Evaluation and,
  • Grip efficiencyIntensity

These parameters can be viewed in real time over the display of mobile app while simultaneously getting fed into Oxstren’s own cloud servers for further analysis and processing. And yes, you have full control over which data the smart glove syncs with Oxstren’s servers and which data it does not.

Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

While most fitness trackers are limited to a pedometer and measuring calories burnt, Oxstren surpasses all of them by not only identifying the exercise which is being performed (for example, it can easily distinguish between a bicep curl and a hammer curl) but also measures the grip and force, counts the repetitions and most importantly, provides feedback on whether the exercise is being performed correctly or not which is the most crucial component of strength training.


By accessing hydration level, respiration rate and heart rate, it provides valuable feedback and reminders to the user to avoid over-straining the cardiovascular system by training in the optimum heart rate. And the entire visual appeal of the data displayed, makes sure you stay addicted to your workout for a bit more.

The wearable connects to the gloves over Bluetooth to communicate essentials, which are displayed over the mobile app to not only assist the user during an activity, but help drive & motivate them through engagement.

For instance, at any given point of time, all workout activities including calories burned and how it’s different for each exercise or the essential biometrics can be viewed in real time during a workout session to analyze and take informed decisions.

Post Workout

Post workout, the summary of all muscled worked out on, calories burned, efficiency and intensity during the sessions can be had a look at. These end values are a result of a complex set of assessment done by taking a variety of variables into play including essential biometrics, form accuracy, tasks completed, intensity maintained, and comparison against previous sessions amongst others.

However, even after you have ended your workout, it is hardly likely for any visible gyming signs to appear on your body unless it is accompanied by a proper diet. Oxtsren knows that, and has an in-built feature called Diet Doctor, which would recommend changes and programs & change its course and re-modify itself based on the data acquisition and performance / results of the user, enabled by the smart glove’s advanced AI.


All you need to do is input your user information, including workout styles, diet preferences or allergies, and health conditions or injuries, if any, and calibrate your movements with the gloves initially and get set to sweat it out, letting the ‘gloves + app’ combo track almost all exercises and biometrics seamlessly and instantly.

You can compare your current performance over your past performances or even against your friends and see what is working and what is not. In addition to it, to keep yourself accountable, let the app know through its simple interface about what you’ve consumed and enjoy even more advanced and accurate artificial intelligence once it starts taking your diet consumptions into account and relates that with your workouts.

Public Release

Oxstren smart gloves have already sparked a lot of interest from fitness enthusiasts across the globe. While the smart gloves are all set to hit the stores by the early next year, Oxstren is also working on two more wearable tech products.

Smart Wrist Wraps will help you monitor essential biometrics and track movement and Smart Hand Band especially meant for the endurance athletes such as those in long distance running to track their runs, and monitor health biometrics during high intensity runs to prevent injuries or mishaps, and improve performance over time to excel and lead a more accomplished and safer life.


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