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InMobi Wants to Make Digital Advertising Engaging For Users, Launches New Ad Discovery Platform Miip

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While many of us find annoyingly floating advertisements irrelevant, advertisers have been crying about how users have an obvious tendency to ignore most of the ads. To modify this scenario, Indian ad technology startup InMobi today launched its new ad discovery platform Miip, in an attempt to make advertisements less annoying and more appealing to users.

Miip is an animated monkey character that follows you from app to app, watches what you’re doing and suggests products that you might want to buy.

Furthermore, it will allow you to buy products through the advertisement itself. To accomplish that, InMobi will deploy a Buy button right under the advertisement. The company has partnered with payment solutions provider Stripe in the United States to enable payments.

Navin Tiwari, the co-founder and CEO said-

Advertising seems to have created this sense of lack of trust. It’s more acute when it comes to mobile.

Instead of seeing a regular ad in your app, Miip would appear, with a text bubble inviting you to check out products from advertisers that it thinks are relevant.

InMobi has been testing Miip for six months with about 5 million users. Early advertisers include the streaming music service Spotify, the travel agents Expedia and Orbitz, niche retailers like Joyus and TheRealReal, and other major market giants.

The Miip ads will begin appearing in 40,000 apps on Wednesday, and InMobi hopes to eventually convert most of the 200 million ads served by its network each month to the format.

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