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Facebook Working On A Digital Assistant Named Moneypenny

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In past few years, Facebook has accomplished great many plausible jobs and has every time, carried itself towards more perfection. In yet another attempt to elevate the social networking platform, Facebook is reportedly testing a personal assistant service “Moneypenny” built into its Messenger app.

Rather than focusing on productivity as done by Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft Cortana, Moneypenny is actually a way to ask real people for help researching and buying products and services. The report comes via The information.

While we know that Facebook is testing it internally, there’s is no timeframe as to which the new feature will be added to the messenger application. It’s also unclear what features the service will begin with and how exactly Facebook will fulfill requests.

Ever since standalone app Messenger was introduced, Facebook has been making continuous attempts to make it a fully fledged platform. Spanning from a overall interface change to the addition of stickers and other fun elements, Facebook has done it all.

Earlier, Facebook added video calling and a payments service to Messenger, as well as launched a version for the app for web browsers. Facebook Messenger has also been investing in making the texting app more of a shopping tool, though so far it’s mostly been for stuff like order updates.



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