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Samsung Likely To Pre-pone Note 5 Launch To Avoid A Date With The iPhone

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Samsung has been in a lot of trouble. Its recently reported revenue figures and forecasts are probably the most clear picture one could have of Samsung’s failing mobile business. And despite a resurrective S6 launch, things continue to look bleak for the Korean electronics giant.

And Samsung is well aware of the present scenario. And since its aware, it is taking steps to ensure that its lone commander in this battle, the Galaxy Note series, doesn’t get caught up in these intensified smartphone wars.

As a result, the company is -hasting up the launch of Galaxy Note’s next iteration, the Note 5.

A report from Reuters, citing sources, now says that the Galaxy Note 5 will probably get launched in August itself rather than the customary launch in September . The world’s top smartphone maker will launch a new version of its Galaxy Note phablet in mid-August, an anonymous person told Reuters, declining to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter. A Samsung spokeswoman declined to comment.

It is worth noting that after the first Note which brought the concept of “phablet” phones into the market, was launched in 2011 at IFA, Berlin conference, and it has become a tradition of sorts for Samsung to launch its new phones every year in the early September IFA conference.

However this is also the time around which Apple releases its iPhones. In fact, the closeness of these releases can be identified from the fact that last year, the two launches took place within an interval of 5-6 days.

The result ? Note 4 reportedly suffered a significant setback at the hands of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which were also the largest phones from Apple with iPhone 6 Plus’s 5.5-inch screen rivalling the Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7-inch screen. And if numbers are an indication, S6 sales are currently nowhere near to the amount of iPhones which the Cupertino giant has sold, and continues to sell.

Moreover, the sales of Samsung have shown a constant decline with annual profits of 2014 hitting a three-year low and the 2015 second quarter also showing abysmal reports with 6.9 trillion won ($6.11 billion) operating profit, which fell well short of market expectations, largely due to a supply shortage for the curved-screen version of its flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone.

By launching Note 5 in August, the South Korean giant expects to give its smartphone-tablet hybrid an open ground before its arch-rival Apple brings its refreshed iPhone.

However according to the market trends and some experts, it remains to be seen if this approach would really help the Samsung’s case to revive its sluggish sales over the past few months

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