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Apple Rolls Out Public Betas For iOS 9, OS X El Capitan

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Apple today rolled out the first public betas of OS X El Capitan and iOS 9, first time that Apple has made a beta version for a major iOS firmware available to users, prior to its official release.

For now, you may incur a few crashes and errors, that’s because the firmware is in beta and will receive a stable update once it is rolled out officially. You may report them anytime via Apple’s Feedback program.

Earlier this week, Apple released the third beta of iOS 9 for developers and will likely continue to release new builds every two weeks leading up to the public launch this fall.

The point of rolling out a beta is to receive user feedback directly, which eventually reduces the testing period of the firmware. Apple has posted an FAQ with more details about the program and also about how to roll back to the backup of iOS 8. (There’s not an official downgrade path if problems arise, but there are ways to revert to a stable version if need be.)

All you need to do is head to and install the consumer beta version of iOS 9 after following Apple’s sign up process. You’ll login with your Apple ID, choose iOS 9, then head to Getting Start.

iOS 9 has added few great features to this iteration of iOS, including the set of proactive features that allows Siri to automate tasks like adding calendar entries or suggesting playlists. Furthermore, it also features a low power mode feature for extra battery life, transit directions in Apple Maps, and a new News app.


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