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Google Launched A $15 Ethernet Adapter For The Chromecast, And It Got Sold Out In Minutes !

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It wouldn’t be wise to doubt the goodness of Google Chromecast, which is probably one of the most easiest and affordable solution to stream video content from your mobile devices and laptops to  your TV sets. However, what may appear to be utterly frustrating at times is the dropped connection that suddenly comes out from nowhere while you are busy digging your eyes onto your TV screens.

Since, Google Chromecast relies on a WiFi connection to bring its features into action, it happens to incur quiet a few issues, all credits to the unreliable and inconsistent WiFi setup. If your TV is out of range or your airways are too crowded, you may end up switching your TV off.

Also, the Chromecast itself connects to 2.4 Ghz wireless networks, which are often crowded, resulting into a stuttered video streaming and dropped connection. Should the WiFi standard be 5Ghz and the stream would go smooth sailing. However, Chromecast, for now, is not good enough to support connection upto this standard.

Well, Google has addressed all those issues and has rolled out quite a marvelous device to end up signal’s inconsistency. Its a $15 Ethernet adapter, which is a power brick that plugs into the Chromecast’s USB port, offering both power and data transfer at the same time. The adapter supports data transfers of up to 100 Mbps, which is certainly good enough for video streaming.

Stop right there though ! You just can’t have it right now. Initial stocks for the adapter got sold out in minutes and there is no word on when an additional batch would arrive. So yea, you’ll have to wait.

The Ethernet adapter will only work if your home network router with an available Ethernet port is available near your TV. The adapter could also be useful if you are in a hotel room or a conference room lacking WiFi in favor of Ethernet cables.

Yes, you may expect the next iteration of Chromecast to feature a 5Ghz WiFi standard. Also, Google has been experimenting Chromecast with great many things. Besides the usual swath of media content, you can now use it as a presentation device by pushing Google Slides documents, the Google Docs PowerPoint competitor, directly to a TV.

Also, it is being tested under new standards, that would mould it into a complete gaming device as well, that would again require high bandwidth. An Ethernet adapter definitely rises up the scope for this to come true since it can resolve bandwidth issue to a great extent.


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