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After Blocking Spammers On Call, Truecaller Moves To Block Spam Messages

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After gaining a strong userbase through its hugely popular call blocking application, Truecaller is all set to move into the messaging arena with an app to make SMS smarter.

Enter Truemessenger, which is what the company is calling its brand new SMS spam checking app — no surprises there. The app functions in rather the same way as Truecaller, making use of Truecaller’s internal database of  “spammers” to pinpoint and block messages, thus protecting you from potential marketing spams. Messages received via a number marked as a spammer in the internal directory are sent to a separate folder. What’s more, users help the database grow by adding their own spammers.

In addition to shielding you from spam, Truemessenger tries to make messaging even more fun by adding photos, nicknames and other such information from social networks to your contacts, giving a refreshing feel to the regular old SMS service.

With spam increasing by the day, as major corporations along with small businesses rely more and more on cellphones to advertise their products, the app is certain to come like a breath of fresh air — once it hits the Indian market, followed by a global release in a few weeks.

In an interview given to TechCrunch, Trucaller CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi shared the reasoning behind Truemessenger, stressing on the fact that although facing tough competition from alternate messaging services such as Whatsapp, SMS is still one of the most popular mediums of communication

The volumes are still huge and no-one is tackling the problems, Truecaller is serving a global problem with calls, and that same problem exists on SMS worldwide — particularly in places like the U.S. and India.

Further adding that, like Truecaller for calls, Truemessenger is all set to take care of our messaging woes,

But now it’s time to fix the messaging experience… SMS has been broken since day one.

According to estimates, almost 1.5 trillion spam messages are sent every year and if Truecaller’s latests attempt is even half as successful as everyone hopes, it may go a long way towards restoring the good old SMS, back to it’s former glory.

The app will initially be available for Android — which supports third party application to be put as default — but according to Mr. Mamedi, the app will look for expansion onto other platforms as well.

Well, Truecaller has most certainly been a major success, with almost 150 million activated users and investments from big league players such as Sequoia, KPCB etc. Let’s see how Truecaller’s attempt to improve the Short Messaging Service goes.


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