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Twitter’s Ad Manager Button Debuts Officially

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So Twitter has finally, officially explained the brand new button on the user profile page that has been there since several days without ant official word from the messaging service. Turns out that yes, the button is indeed an ads manager and no, despite the less than warm reception from the vast majority of Twitter users — it is here to stay.

The ads manager button, which lets advertisers follow the performance of their ad campaigns using mobile devices, can be found on different places depending upon the device and platform being used to access Twitter. While iPhone 6 users have it right in front of their eyes all the time next to the setting icon, those running iPhone 5 and earlier can access it by clicking the Gear icon. Android users can similarly open the Ads manager via the Settings drop down menu.

Although similar to Facebook’s Ad manager — which came out earlier — the app lags behind a bit due to the fact that users must have a system handy if they want to create a campaign from scratch, while Facebook’s ad manager let’s you create and manage campaigns using your mobile device as well.

That being said, the feature is great at managing your campaigns and features tons of different options. Advertisers can track their impressions, money expenditure, cost per engagement, and engagement rate and what’s more, they can also edit the campaign budget and schedule. According to Twitter, the app may also be used to instantly pause, resume or extend a particular campaign — all on the fly.

While certainly very handy for advertisers, to most of Twitter users — who use the service for non-advertising purposes — the ads manager is “more or less another useless button taking up viewing space on the screen”. Many are already objecting to its presence on the main screen and arguing that it should be hidden away inside a menu while others call it “ugly and deseprate”.

Twitter, in the humblest of opinions, should certainly consider making the button optional to viewers — so that those being the most annoyed by it can hide it from their view. on the other hand, to make really please advertisers, the microblogging site should at least allow for the creation of campaigns via smartphones.

In the meanwhile, it’s easy to understand the mechanics behind the sudden and all too prominent appearance of this button on twitter. According to a report by the company earlier, mobile advertising equalled 89 percent of its total ad revenue, which was $388 million in the first quarter of 2015. Twitter is probably looking to increase the revenue as well as induce others to advertise through twitter by offering them better ad management services.

However, as has been highlighted previously as well, prioritising advertisers over general users could result in Twitter loosing its already shrunken userbase. The button, despite everything, is here to stay, thus we’ll have to play the ait and watch game to see how it impacts Twitter’s revenues and userbase.


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