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Samsung launches Two New 2 TB SSDs, 850 Pro and Evo

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Good news for those who have been dreaming of higher capacity SSDs for their Laptops ! Samsung today, launched two brand new SSDs with a massive capacity of 2 TBs. Continuing the Pro and Evo range, the 850 Pro and 850 Evo promise the very best in the Solid State Drive market and compared to Intel’s $4000 DC P3600 — are way more affordable.

Characterized by Samsung’s 3D vertical flash memory technology, the drives pile up the memory cells on top of each other up to 32 layers as compared to the traditional, 2D planar setup, where the cells lie entirely flat on the surface of the silicon wafer. Not only does this technique reduce the cost of manufacture, but also leads to a higher cell density — hence the drastic increase in the storage capacity.

While the drives support Mac as well as Windows, those running Windows will have access to a couple of additional benefits — for example, the Samsung Magician software. The software isn’t magic in itself, but it does allow you to turn on the built-in RAPID mode on the Pro and Evo SSDs. The RAPID mode allows your SSDs to use part of the computer RAM as a writing cache, leading to a noticeable performance difference.

Apart from the RAPID mode, the drives also feature Turbo Write — which basically accelerates the write speed during data transfer. It does so by the creation of a write buffer in the SSD which is employed to aid in data migration.

The Pro SSD is more expensive than the Evo considering that it’s slightly faster and comes with double the warranty period at 10 years. Also, the Pro SSD features greater endurance than the Evo.

Overall, performance freaks would not mind parting with the $1000 required to own one of the best Solid State Drives available in the market at the moment. The Evo on the other hand, coming at $800 would appeal to those wishing for something less expensive, but still able to deliver cutting edge performance.

While still way more costly than regular hard drives, the 2 TB Pro and Evo from Samsung have brought SSDs on par with the regular memories — with regards to storage capacity — for laptops, and we hope that the steady reduction in SSD prices, which begun early this year will continue until they become more affordable to the general public.

Until then, the Pro and Evo remain something of a premium item. In the meanwhile, we will keep you updated on their market price, which is likely to be lower than the retail price of $1000 and $800 respectively.


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