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Blackberry’s Venice Might Be Company’s First Android Phone

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BlackBerry showed off a brand new slider phone over at MWC 2015 held over at Barcelona in May — and like everyone else, we also assumed the device to pack the company’s very own signature Blackberry OS. That assumption right there, might just be false.

Reports emerging from Reuters and elsewhere, substantiated by leaked renders of the device from leakster Evan Blass on Friday, point towards what may be the BlackBerry Venice powered by Android platform. Although it’s a move that signifies a break from tradition, it does make sense in face of BlackBerry’s almost nil grasp over the smart phone market — an event undeniably brought on, in part thanks to its OS.

BlackBerry — perhaps realizing the fact that it’s OS has been unable to keep up with other platforms out there — has already been working hard to not only introduce the Android Platform onto its devices but also its own apps for Android, iOS and Windows. The Canadian smartphone maker has also been integrating existing Android apps — such as Amazon’s App store — onto its devices.

The company may, in the not-so-far future, offer devices that either run solely on Android or have it as an alternative to the traditional BB OS — and Venice, which has already been attracting eyeballs due to the combination of a touchscreen with a physical keyboard, may take things up a notch, by being among the first of such devices.

The one thing going for BlackBerry, should it decide to go for Android would be that despite the crowds of Android manufacturers out there, the company can easily manage to stand out by dint of several very popular apps that are native to BlackBerry devices such as BBM, BlackBerry Blend etc. Moreover, its handsets have a build quality, which for sure is among the best, and will help Android get a flag-bearer to compete against the iPhone

The decision to switch over to Android, or to at least incorporate it as an optional platform onto its devices, would be a smart move on BlackBerry’s part and may just allow it to pick up its pace again. Well, reading between the lines, that may just be exactly what the company is doing this very moment. Let’s reserve our opinions though, until we get our hands on the yet to come Venice.


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