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iPhone 6S Has Reportedly Hit Production Lines

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And its that season of the year — two-three months prior to the iPhone launch — and rumours start churning in. While we previously reported that the iPhone 6S might have force touch embedded in it with a longer battery life, this time, its rumours coming straight from the manufacturing chain, droppig few more hints on what all could be packed inside Apple’s next flagship.

According to a report by Digitimes, Foxconn and Pegatron — both of them OEMs — have started receiving components through various suppliers and sub-assemblers that will enable them to put iPhone 6S into production. DigiTimes has a pretty decent track record when it comes to pre-iPhone rumours, thus you can be pretty much sure of all thats said above.

While we have little info on what the 6S is going to look like or what modifications/improvements will it enjoy as compared to its predecessor, we do know that the 6S is likely to come with an A-series processor paired with 2 GB of RAM, with Apple finally letting go of the 1 GB one, after sticking with it for 3 generations of iPhones. However, don;t be too surprised if you still see 1 Gig.

The device is also likely to come with a brand new Qualcomm modem for faster LTE connections along with welcome addition of pressure-sensing Force Touch capabilities may also be on the cards.

Apart from these  changes, Apple is also likely to switch to an updated NXP-sourced NFC chip. However, it may have decided not to tamper with the design much so as to save a few changes here and there. Historically too, there aren’t much design changes between an iPhone and its next-gen S model.

Apple expects to ship about 50 million iPhones in the 4th quarter of 2015 alone and to this end has asked its OEM partners to beef up their producing capabilities and manufacturers such as Pegatron, Zhen Ding, Flexium and Largan have already complied with the request to cope with the massive orders from the company.

Well if expectations strike true, we may just be looking at about 230-240 million shipped iPhone units in 2015. Something, which would point to a substantial increase in demand as compared to the 192 million iPhones sold in 2014.


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