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CyanogenMod Announces Gello – An Open Source Browser Based On Chromium For Android

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Google Chrome has been the browser, ever since its launch. Its popular among the masses, not so popular among devs, but since the former is true, the latter doesn’t really matter. However, CyanogenMod’s latest project, Gello — a new Chromium-based browser, might be the combination of those two.

Although we are not sure as to when can we expect general availability for the browser, a video that flaunts some features of the yet to come Gello recently surfaced — and we surely like what we have seen so far.

While similar to Chrome, on account of the fact that it’s been built on the open source Chromium code — which by the way, is Google’s inspiration for Chrome itself — Gello also features some all too awesome features that are conspicuous by their very absence from chrome.

Not only is it packed with goodies such as save for “offline” reading, night and immersive modes etc. but also comes with customized download settings and way more extensive privacy options as compared to Chrome. What’s more, we may also be looking at site-by-site privacy and security settings and a possible ad-blocker. Sweet!!

The app is sure to grace the AOSP — Android Open Source Project, which is basically Android minus Google — Platform, although it’s all too possible for a version of the app to hit the Play Store for the regular android user as well. However, it won’t be compatible with some of the more ancient Android devices with less partition space.

Joey Rizzoli, Member, Team CyanogenMod, who announced Gello on Google+ with a 5 minute video, also took on those who look upon the app as part of Cyanogen Inc.’s attempts to move away from Google with his following statement.

Me and all the CM teams uses Google Apps and Services every day. We aren’t “putting a bullet into Google’s head”. We’re just creating an operative system (or ROM or Firmware, whatever you call it).

“Putting a bullet into Google’s Head” ? Has CyanogenMod really come that far ? Hmm…


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