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Google Updates Gmail With New High Resolution Themes And Emojis

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Right after kicking off the much demanded Undo Send Button, Google today descended another update over its Gmail platform packed with bunch of new themes and emojis, making it more colorful and fun to use.

Although Google has been serving theme packs along with its Gmail service since 2008, but we didn’t get to witness much of the updates in this section for quite a while.

Google says that Gmail now includes hundreds of new themes with today’s update, including high-resolution themes that include photos shot by Googlers.

Also, you will be able to upload your own images and customize your account in whichever way you like. In order to assist you to do so, Google has also decided to serve you with tools like blur, vignette, and text background, to make the process easier and fun to use.

Plus, if you happen to hold multiple Gmail accounts, themes can come very handy in detecting which account you are currently logged into by simply having a glance at your desktop screen.

Interestingly, Google has also added support for emojis in Gmail and with this update you will now be able to have access to the full list of emoji you’ve come to use on your mobile device so far.

As said by google, the update will be rolled to all of the desktop users over the next few. However, Google didn’t note if mobile support for the new emoji was also included.


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