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Facebook Is Now Providing Video Analytics To Page Admins

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Taking on YouTube, Facebook has decided to improve upon what’s already on the table and introduced a brand new “Videos” tab in Page Insights. From what we have been able to find out, this feature will enable publishers to keep track of what their video is doing out there in the world — in much more detail.

The feature isn’t new to Facebook — being accessible earlier through “Video Metrics” on Page insights itself. However, it was quite rudimentary and publishers had to go through a lot of hassle before they could access the statistics of their page such as export data within a particular date range into a file format of their choice.

Along with the effort required to get the analytics,  you had other issues such as the fact that the data was available on a per video basis only. You also had a whole bunch of very frustrating bugs inside the service itself that caused video numbers to drop below where they were around two months ago

Well, the newly introduced “Videos” tab seems to be taking care of all of these little woes and worries. With enhanced accessibility, you also get the option to track views at the Page based on any custom date range. Admins and Publishers also get the option to look at views day-over-day to gain a deeper understanding of the user pattern.

Facebook is also providing page owners with a whole lot of fancy tools such as views and 30-second views, top videos within a certain date range, metrics for videos shared from other Pages and what not. Publishers also get the ability to measure between categories like Organic vs. Paid, Auto-Played vs. Clicked-to-Play and Unique vs. Repeat — something which is bound to come in very handy.

Another thing that may prove to be quite useful to publishers  is the “Top Videos” section. Through this, they can check out which of their videos are attracting the most eyeballs along with the option to check out the individual metrics around engagement, audience retention and more. All in all, Facebook has broken down the process of  video publication, monitoring and the rest of it into tiny baby steps, and we are quite sure that Publishers and Admins across the globe are going to love it.

Well, this certainly is the period of growth for the social networking giant which had over 4 billion daily video views by April — a remarkable growth of 1 billion views from January, and if a report by AmpereAnalysis is to be believed, the number is expected to grow up to  two-thirds of YouTube views by 2015 — which if it happened, would be a significant milestone for FB.

Despite of the fact that Facebook still doesn’t offer pre-roll ads and charges advertisers for a video view if just three seconds of the ad are shown — which is less than what YouTube offers them — the audience available through the former is still attracting hordes of advertisers, and with Facebook doing all it can to facilitate things for video publishers, this number is only expected to grow.


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