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Apple Music Is Here : Feature Packed And Awesome Is Our First Impression

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So the much awaited Apple Music is finally here and so far, it seems like the folks over at Apple did a Pretty decent job. While some do call it overwhelming, almost everyone agrees that it is superb. Let’s take a look at what is great and not so great about Apple’s latest adventure into streaming music, which requires you to shell out $10 a month.

After upgrading your operating system to the latest from Apple (iOS 8.4) , you will have a brand new music app that includes Apple Music. Now, once you boot it up for the first time, it notes down your preferences by bombarding you with little pink balloons which have the names of genres, popular artists etc. over them. If you tap a balloon once, it means you like it and tapping something twice tells the app that you are in love with it.

After introducing the app to your dislikes, likes and loves, you are all set to enter the world of unlimited music, which is divided into 5 main parts accessible via 5 icons positioned at the bottom of the screen. Let’s take a look at these one by one.

First up is My Music. Here is where all your playlists and libraries, with tracks from your own collection or the streaming service — since Apple apparently allows mixing them both — will land if part of your playlists.

apple-music-2    apple-music-3
Next you have the Connect. As the name implies, the Connect allows you to connect to your favorite artist and is basically a mix of Facebook and twitter with lots of music thrown in. Here, artists can post photos, videos and pretty much anything, and fans — that is you and me — can comment on what they have posted. You can also choose to follow your favorite artist through here.

Then we have the New section. While certainly one of the better parts of the app, it’s kind of hard to see why it’s been named New. While it certainly is the place where curators help you discover various new artists and albums, It also has anything from videos to music to a whole bunch of playlists that can vary from ones curated by experts to those for your daily activities like cooking, driving etc.

We also found the much talked about Radio. This section consists of various radio stations with song streaming that has been curated by Apple according to what it thinks will best please its listeners. Also present here is a brand new global live station called the Beats 1.

Finally, there is the For you section which — as the name implies –focuses on your likes and dislikes. Here you get special, curated playlists by you favorite artists, which is kind of awesome. All in all, if you want to simply lay back and enjoy — here’s is where you want to go.

While Radio and Connect are free for all, you will need to subscribe to Apple Music — and consequently shell out 10 bucks a month — if you would like to access all the rest as well.

Overall, Apple music is quite exhaustive and has almost everything a music lover could wish for. In fact, some are accusing it of putting too many things on the table without offering users much info to go with. However, looking at things from Apple’s perspective, it has offered quite a package and as far as using is concerned, it’s not rocket science after all and as with all other apps, you can learn your way about it with some use.


Another thing we had people complaining about, was the fact that the feature is too pricey. However, $10 a month here, can take care of almost all your aural needs, so many may just find it quite reasonable to subscribe instead of spending on the odd music album now and then. Subscription not only allows you to listen to your favorite music from anywhere, it also enables you to fulfil your craving for a particular music at any time of the day. What’s more, there are several family plans that are highly inexpensive such as a $15 a month family pack which allows for up to six users on a single subscription.

The integration of Siri with the app is pretty cool too and you can use voice commands to play music of your choice, such as, songs by a particular artist, from a particular genre or year or simply a single track you want to listen to. Apple is also working on adding lyrics to the songs very soon.

While Apple has already launched the app for iOS with an update incorporating it in iTunes for desktops expected shortly, the feature will be available for Android as well and is expected to launch in the fall. Well, Spotify, Play music and others of the music streaming creed would do better to pick the pace because the Arrival of the feature packed Apple Music on the scenes, is bound to up the game.


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