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Uber Execs Arrested In France Over Illicit Taxi Operations

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Quite rightly, the inevitable has happened. Uber, which has been in trouble ever since it launched its low-cost Uber Pop service in France, now sees its top execs in France in Jail. To public’s relief, this might finally end one of the biggest and most threatening taxi protests in France.

Uber France CEO Thibaud Simphal and Uber Europe GM Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty were both taken into custody today in Paris, following a police investigation that started in November 2014 and a raid in Paris in March 2015.

Charges pressed upon them include illegal operations and concealing digital documents. Uber has been facing a charge of operating illegally in Paris and other countries since its amateur days. However, Uber always put an argument upfront saying that it would keep operating the service until a ruling by the country’s top court.

A spokesperson from Uber justified the event to TechCrunch saying-

Our CEO for France and General Manager for Western Europe were invited to a police hearing this afternoon; following this interview, they were taken into custody. We are always available to answer all the questions on our service, and available to the authorities to solve any problem that could come up. Talks are in progress. In the meantime, we keep working in order to make sure that both our customers and drivers are safe following last week’s turmoils.

Although, taxi drivers in Paris have been conceiving immense outrage against Uber saying that teh U.S. company is stealing their livelihoods as its drivers do not have to pass the same tests, nor pay the same taxes, as compared to more established taxi services. Despite this though, Uber continued to operate in the country, showing the same adamancy it has shown in other countries it operates in.

After a day of nationwide protests by taxi drivers, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve recently said that the service was illegal and ordered police and prosecutors to enforce its closure. Since then, Uber’s cars are being charged if caught amidst operations and the fine is paid by Uber itself, rather than the drivers.

We have contacted Uber for more information on this and will update the story when we receive some.


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