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Facebook Lite Officially Launches in India And Philippines

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If you happen to have a tremendously slow internet connection and you intend to use Facebook’s standard application for Android, there are major chances that you might end up in utter frustration. Six Months After Facebook began testing Facebook Lite, it is being officially launched in India and Philippines.

Facebook’s new app for Android has all the features of its full app, but is faster, smaller and very data efficient even when internet bandwidth is at a minimum.  The new app is around 430 KB in size, and includes the News Feed, status updates, photos, notifications and other bits and pieces familiar to users of the social network.

The launch of this application caters to those billions of people coming online for the first time in markets that are still predominantly served by slower 2G networks. Facebook says that it has 114 million active mobile users in India. But not all of them have access to an excellent internet bandwidth for infinite reasons.

Facebook has been incubating Facebook Lite for well more than a year under project manager Vijay Shankar. In January, his team began testing the app in Africa and Southeast Asia. The app is part of Facebook’s larger efforts to expand into the developing world and march ahead with its “Internet For Everyone” initiative.

Facebook makes the Lite app use less data by never pre-loading full-resolution images. Photos and previews of links will appear a bit distorted at first, and will only load completely once you approve of it. Besides that, Facebook Lite makes sure that it doesn’t reload the entire app every time you open it. It tries to makes as less round trips to its servers back in California, as possible.

It’s free, just like Facebook’s primary app, and only available for devices powered by Google’s Android operating system. Facebook plans to launch Facebook Lite in other country soon, primarily in those having similar connectivity landscape.


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