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The Curious Case of Apple Watch And Patek Philippe 3582

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While Apple Watch has been selling like hot cakes since its launch, internet is now abuzz with an interesting theory put forward by folks at ABlogToWatch where it has subtly hinted at the design of Apple Watch being eerily similar to the hugely popular Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe’s 3582 watch from the 1970s.

Yes, the company known for its innovation in design has been put under scrutiny, although in a light hearted manner rather than critically, over the design of its latest offering.

The blog post which is going viral over the internet as this piece is being written; basically points towards the fact that designs of watches despite evolving over the time, have in fact been quite cyclic in nature with similar designs popping in different eras and have compared the designs of classic Patek Philippe 3582 watch and current Apple Watch.

Though, it clearly mentions that Apple watch is in fact not at all inspired by the Patek Philippe, but to some extent it actually manages to convince the readers otherwise, the irony of which has made this post gone viral.

They have taken a rare collectible version of Philippe 3582 known as Patek Philippe Ellipse 3582G in 18k white gold with an attached mesh metal 18k white gold bracelet against the Apple watch with steel link bracelet and showed how Philippe one which was quite a rage in its days and considered a classic can prove to be a close cousin of Apple watch if its size is increased proportionally from the present 29mm wide by 34mm tall (and just 6.7mm thick) to match with 42 mm tall Apple watch.


The design of Philippe which though belongs to the Ellipse series, is actually rectangular in shape with an ellipse inside the watch around the dial. Based on the curvature of the “golden spiral” (using the “golden ratio” and aka the “Fibonacci spiral”), this particular shape has been used in a range of Patek Philippe Ellipse watches and boasts of a simplicity unseen in today’s Phillipe watches, but happens to be a trademark of Apple Watch simplistic design.

However, the blog post further claims that despite all these similarities, Apple watch could not have borrowed the design from Philippe as many elements of the design of Apple watch have already been compared to the previous watch designs of its designer Mark Newson who used to work at Ikepod before joining Apple in September 2014 to work on Apple Watch.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch contains a lot of recent Apple “design DNA” in addition to Newson’s influence thus making the case of Apple and Philippe not worth the discussion. Well this may just be another temporary conspiracy theory but it seems to be certainly worthy of discussion by people who are quite intrigued by this comparison by A Blog to Watch.



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