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Fitbit Is Launching Its Wearables In India on July 1

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After registering its presence across almost every major coordinate, world’s leading wearable  manufacturer Fitbit is now set to hit Indian shores, starting July 1. The wearable brand will be selling its wearables through an exclusive store on Amazon.

San Francisco-headquartered Fitbit is currently perhaps the biggest name in wearables space, selling over 20 million units in 43 countries so far. Commanding about 85% of the global health wearables market, it operates over 700 employees and sells in over 50,000 stores.

Fitbit will partner with e-commerce firm Amazon to offer four types of wearable bands, the Zip, Flex, Charge HR and Surge with prices ranging between Rs 4,000 and Rs 19,990. The range has been decided as the company intends to target almost every user category and hopes to hold a firm position in the country. Moreover, if you wish to succeed in a price-sensitive market like India, you’ve got to offer choices.

Steve Morley, VP and General Manager, APAC for Fitbit told The Indian Express

We are establishing an Indian entity and the first employees will be joining soon. We are here for a proper brand launch and Amazon will be our launch partner.

In fact, as mentioned by Morley, Fitbit is gearing up to settle a proper base in India. And since morely mentions of ‘first employees joining soon, we’ll probably see an Indian subsidiary of Fitbit coming up soon.

Wearables, while already a trend in the west and certain Asian countries like China/Japan, is till a very nascent market in India.

However, momentum has started to increase, with the launch of low-cost wearables coming from Micromax’s subsidiary Yu. YuFit, the fitness band from Micromax, was launched last month at a rock bottom price of Rs. 999. Apart from that, you also have Xiaomi Mi band which lies in the same price range and offers similar, basic fitness tracking features.

A recent IDC report predicted that 72.1 million wearable devices will be shipped in 2015, up a staggering 173.3% from the 26.4 million units shipped in 2014. And while most of this growth will continue to come from developed nations, emerging markets like India too will be contributing a significant portion to that growth.


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