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NASA Has Stocked Up All Of Its Breathtaking Space Imagery At One Place

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is making Christmas come early for all those space geeks out there. The American space agency has just launched a brand new mega gallery that will house all of its amazing pictures, taken through various sources, in 4K Ultra high definition !

Without a doubt, the agency via its numerous probes across the solar system and beyond, has access to some of the rarest and breathtaking pictures in existence, be it one of those snapped by the Mars rover mission or those taken by the gigantic Hubble telescope. And now, it is combining all of them into a single place right here for your viewing pleasures. As the website puts it “Finding Good Images Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science.”

The collection is built and is being maintained by Luna Imaging — a digital picture collection management platform — that has managed to combine over 70 NASA galleries into a free and searchable source. What’s more, the collection has been neatly categorized into listings such as Planets, Robotics and Astronauts and includes over 100 thousand pictures.

Speaking on the topic, a Luna spokesperson said

We envision that NASA Images will appeal to space fans, STEM educators, visual resource fans, archive fans, people who appreciate open collections, we’ve already had some interest in the site from people with GIS and geospatial interests because of the satellite imagery the collection includes.

And that’s not all, you can also purchase high quality reproductions of any image in the collection with a single click. Just open the image that you like and click on Buy print.

Well, amazing idea, and Kudos to Luna Imaging for implementing it so successfully. Surely, the collection will give wings to the space exploration fantasies of many and provide others — including me — an almost unlimited supply of awesome wallpapers.


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