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Google Introduces News Lab To Aid Journalists With Its Tools And Resources

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Indeed, there is no more important source of information in the world than quality journalism. Aimed squarely at the modern media industry, Google today launched News Lab – a suite of tools, services, and training for the modern digital newsroom- in an attempt to help usher in journalism space by providing access to its wide range of tools and conceiving a network between journalists and its resources.

In this new effort at Google to empower innovation at the intersection of technology and media, Google will post short written and video tutorials, along with case studies showing off some of the best practices from newsrooms around the world so that journalists around the world can take better advantage of them. Moreover, resources will be updated regularly as Google continues to develop new products that are relevant.

News Lab announcement comes following a series of amendments last week, including the update to Google Trends, which added real-time data on the most topical stories, with guidance and case-studies around how existing services like YouTube and Fusion Tables could be turned to reporting.

News Lab will also talks about engaging citizen journalists through three projects: First Draft, The WITNESS Media Lab, and the YouTube Newswire. Each project leverages Google’s open platforms where individuals can upload content like videos and photos from breaking news sites.

What sounds interesting is that Google is also partnering with San Francisco media startup accelerator Matter, as well as Hacks/Hackers, a community group built for both developers and the people who write about them.

The search giant is also planning to organize a series of TechRaking summits, a hackathon devoted to experimenting with new media tech tools like drones, databases, and other new data gathering devices. This, as said by Google, will be used to make advancements in investigative reporting.

We may say that this is Google’s attempt to cement its role as a main conduit through which people consume content, a goal it has been pursuing for a long, very long time. In a long run, this would eventually play an active role in making bright changes to media industry and conceive a better and informed landscape.


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