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YouTube Partners With Storyful To Launch YouTube Newswire, A Channel To Feature Eyewitness Videos

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In a partnership with Newscorp-owned social news agency Storyful, YouTube today launched a service named YouTube Newswire to provide a curated feed of the most newsworthy eyewitness videos of the day.

With the Newswire, YouTube says that it will help to provide journalists with an invaluable resource to discover news video around major events, and to highlight eyewitness video that offers new perspectives on important news stories. Basically, it aims to filter out original eyewitness footage for journalists out of the whole lot of other non-credible junk, dumped on YouTube.

YouTube, in fact, can prove to be exceptionally useful in unfolding some of the greatest news  stories. We would definitely prefer watching the actual happening with our own eyes rather than switching over to some news platform. Moreover, such videos can derive a unique and visceral perspective on what’s happening in the world.

An eyewitness video would eventually serve to add vital context and information to events and, over the time, could help in revolutionizing the modern day journalism.

This move comes in the wake of recent incidents like Ferguson protests and Charlie Hebdo attacks that garnered enough hype over the streaming portal recently.

The Newswire will feature global and regional feeds that surface the most relevant videos in different parts of the world.

YouTube and Storyful have partnered in the past too, and have worked together since the protests broke out in Tahrir Square in 2011. Storyful has verified over 100,000 different videos on YouTube and has partnered with Google on other projects including CitizenTube and the Human Rights Channel.

Google stated in a blog post –

Back in 2011, when Storyful began formally working with YouTube, 4 hours of video were uploaded on the platform every minute. Now it’s a 300 hour-per-minute deluge, some of which has the capacity to change the way we see the world. YouTube has profoundly altered and enhanced the way we document history.

Storyful has quite an experience of handling such large scale partnerships and had earlier partnered with Facebook when the social networking giant launched FB Newswire last year.

There are times when certain news breaks on social media services like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and then quickly becomes widely distributed before being fact-checked. Storyful’s verified video content would help to eliminate such instances up to an extent and drive journalists towards an error free reporting, with all the facts right in place

Google has also announced two other projects alongside to improve online news verification – The First Draft Coalition , which brings together proven experts in the field to offer advice and resources, and The Witness Media Lab , focused on documenting human rights issues with citizen video.

The First Draft Coalition , will consist of experts from Eyewitness Media Hub , Storyful , Bellingcat , First Look Media’s Reported.ly , Meedan , Emergent , SAM Desk , and Verification Junkie . The Coalition will develop and program a new site for verification and ethics training, tools, research, and, most importantly, case studies around the biggest news stories of the moment.

On the other hand, The WITNESS Media Lab – in collaboration with innovators in the technology, advocacy and journalism fields – will produce a series of in-depth projects that focus on human rights struggles as seen from the perspective of those who live, witness, and experience them.

The first project from the WITNESS Media Lab will explore the impact of bystander video in bringing about justice in police brutality cases in the United States.

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