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Reddit Announces To Encrypt Site Traffic By Month-End

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In an attempt to make itself more secure, “the front page of internet”, (which right now, is actually the front page for everything except the internet) Reddit announced on Wednesday that it will begin encrypting all of its traffic by the end of the month.

The move to encrypt the entire Internet has been gathering a considerable steam now. Privacy advocates have been repeatedly pushing for widespread use of HTTPS in the wake of government snooping on data.

Also, recent drastic attacks on Sony and GitHub highlighted how insecure web is in terms of security.

In fact, US Government has itself started to encrypt all of its public facing systems, which would be done by the end of this year. Also, they have been looking for some security backdoors that would garner them access to websites that have successfully adopted encryption.

Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Facebook have already shifted to secure servers while Microsoft has announced that it will start encrypting all if its Bing search traffic soon.

Reddit is already available over SSL at, that isn’t the default though. The new system however, will start directing all traffic to the SSL-version automatically at the end of this month

Users connecting over SSL will be visible to networks as Reddit visitors, but any communication with the site will be entirely private.



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