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Google Has Released A Brand New Tool To Measure Ad Effectiveness

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In today’s era, when people spend their time switching from smartphones to tablets to laptops only to turn back to their smartphones, it often gets very confusing to keep track of their online activities, especially when people use a combination of these to visit the same page.

Now you may just ask, who would care if you liked something while browsing on your smartphone but switched over to your PC to buy it? Well, turns out Google would, and it’s taking steps to ensure that it knows exactly when an advertisement on one of your device turns into a purchase on another. As a part of those steps, Google has quietly released (via Bloomberg)a new tool, aimed at increasing effectiveness and overall reach for its advertisers.

Rest assured, this is no idle curiosity. The reason behind Google poking it’s nose into all this is pretty simple, as Neal Mohan, vice president for video and display advertising, Google, puts it

It’s not just one device — 90 percent of consumers move from device to device throughout the course of the day, A consumer might see a video ad on a desktop at work, but they may not actually make a purchase until they’re at home on their laptop or tablet.

So basically Google is trying to make sure that it knows when an advertisement that you watched a few days ago on your smartphone leads you to pop open your laptop and make a purchase, in effect measuring the effectiveness of that ad — something which is particularly useful when you stop to consider the fact that more and more people are now relying on their handheld devices for online searches.

The service is available via Google’s DoubleClick feature and was released alongside another service to make it easier to sell native apps on Wednesday.


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