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Intel Acquires Canadian Smart-Eyewear Maker Recon

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And Intel’s aggressive foray into the highly promising wearable segment doesn’t seem to hault. The chip maker giant, today announced that it has acquired private Canadian smart-eyewear maker Recon Instruments, further strengthening its position and efforts in the eyewear segment.

Although, eyewear penetration at consumer level has been considerably low, this doesn’t diminish the possibilities of how an eyewear can be used to carry out a wide span of consumer as well as professional tasks.

Intel and Luxottica Group, the largest eyeglass makers in the world that signed a deal with Intel in December, might make use of Recon’s technology to accomplish their joint project of bringing smart technologies as well as luxurious eyewear together.

Recon has had a close relationship with Intel ever since it received an hefty amount in form of investment from the chip giant. It manufactures $700 smart glasses for sports and fitness tracking with similar functions and utilities as of Google Glass.

Recon is well known for two of its accomplishments; building the technology behind Oakley’s Airwave and the Recon Jet head-worn fitness wearable.

Recon’s much featured Jet glasses have a built-in display to show directions and activity statistics during a run, and also connect to a smartphone to offer texts and notifications. It also happen to have a camera for capturing photos and videos.

Intel, along with Luxottica, is also helping out Google by making chips for the next iteration of Google Glass that might eventually aid the troubled eyewear to step out of the hot waters.

Until now, only a handful of Intel powered wearable devices have made it to the shelves, including Intel’s MICA smart bracelet, Basis smartwatches and the SMS Audio BioSport headphones.

The terms for the deal have been kept under the sheets. Sales of Recon products will continue without disruption, Intel said. The Recon team will partner with Intel’s New Devices Group to develop new wearables technologies.


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