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Twitter Will Now AutoPlay Videos And GIFs

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Following the format featured by Facebook and Instagram onto their timelines, Twitter today introduced auto-playing video and animated GIFs to its official timelines.

Ever since native video format was introduced onto the platform, getting it to play has required users to make a tap. You can bid that goodbye as the videos on Twitter will now play by itself as you scroll down your timeline. However, you can opt out of this feature any time you want.

Twitter has made sure this make feature is smart enough to judge whether your internet connection is strong enough or not. In the latter case, Twitter will switch back to the old tap-to-play mode. And you can also choose to let video autoplay only when you’re on Wi-Fi.

The feature has been in testing with select users previously, but now it’s going to be in effect across the service for all users.

Although, Twitter says that introducing this feature would keep users informed about the content and make sure they don’t miss out anything, its more of a strategy to booster its advertising value. This has been in internal debate for quite some time and, arguments have started to become more frequent ever since there has been a regime change.

As you do it on Instagram, videos will be on mute by default when they start playing. Tapping onto those video or GIF content will gift them some sound. You can change these settings anytime you want as per your liking.

The feature, for now, has been introduced on iOS and desktop version only, with a promise to appear on Android platform soon.

Twitter says that “additional video” features will roll out soon, including Twitter-recommended videos based on what you have watched previously.


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