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Microsoft Will Now Encrypt Bing Search Traffic By Default

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In an attempt to beef up Bing’s security and make your searching environment more secured, Microsoft has announced that it will it start encrypting all of Bing’s search traffic by default this summer.

Although HTTPS encryption for Bing search has been available as an opt-in feature for the past year and a half, Microsoft will now offer this service to its Bing users by default.

An encrypted search traffic means a more secure and safeguarded browsing session and protection from snooping.

However, Bing isn’t the first search engine to bring this strategy into its operations. Google had already introduced encryption-as-standard for users in 2011, followed by Yahoo in 2013. Considering that, Bing is pretty much late to the party.

Along with encrypted traffic, Microsoft is also making amendments to the way that webmasters get information about searches that lead to their websites.

The company will still offer a referrer string so that website operators and marketers can see as to what encrypted traffic is coming from Bing, but won’t provide the exact search term that led people to a page.

Instead, Bing Webmaster Tools will continue to provide aggregated keyword and ranking data so that website operators can keep track of what draws users to their websites.

Similarly, Advertisers will be able to see what search queries triggered their Bing ads using the Search Query Terms Report, which also provides information on other performance metrics like clicks, impressions and conversions.

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