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Connectifier, An AI Powered Smart Recruitment Platform By Ex-Googlers Grabs $6 Million in Series A

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California based Connectifier; an online recruitment portal founded by ex-Google engineers in 2012 has raised $6 million funding led by True Ventures, along with participation from Galeo Ventures, Okapi Ventures, and angels Sean Ellis, Andrew Chen, Jonathan Downey, and James Hong.

Connectifier is a platform with one of a kind recruitment technology making use of Artificial Intelligence in its algorithm for effective and efficient screening of potential candidates.

It has slowly begun to make its presence felt with its steady rise as a favoured recruitment tool for top companies from high tech, finance, sales, and healthcare. While Connectifier still remains to launch an extensive marketing campaign to promote its services, it has already seen a staggering growth in the pilot mode over the last year.

Connectifier’s revenues raised 487 percent between Q1 2014 and Q1 2015.

Connectifier boasts of people from Google, Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, Berkeley National Lab, NASA and Microsoft Research in its senior engineering and management team, all of whom came together with an aim to help recruiters discover, qualify, and connect with exceptional job candidates with roughly twice the efficiency of existing methods by using modern big data and artificial intelligence techniques for the first time.

Although there are online recruitment options such as Linked In, etc which are widely used by recruiters to look for suitable candidatures for their organization, these tools are usually limited to the people who have posted resumes on these sites and not the people who may be an excellent fit for recruiter’s need but are not actively looking for a job.

And this is exactly when the idea of Connectifier popped up in CEO John Jersin’s mind.

I was leading ten engineering teams, and any time it was short staffed it was not terribly surprising, it was impossible to find the engineers we needed in the Valley. It drove home the strategic importance of recruiting.

Jersin, who was then working at Google, brought in colleague Ben McCann, a real-time analytics specialist, to build the platform with him as co-founder.

Connectifier has a unique blend of technology comprising artificial intelligence and its powerful search software that crawls across many sources at once to build up some 300 million online profiles to find the person you need. Jersin says,

What sets us apart is that we remove about 50 percent of the pain and ineffective recruiting processes today with our proprietary Google-style search technology that helps recruiters find and connect with candidates directly. Recruiters using our tools receive double the response rate as compared to other solutions like LinkedIn InMail messages

It solves the three most important issues which are common with most recruitment portals:

  • According to Connectifier’s research, in some sectors such as tech, as much as 40% of the workforce has disengaged with older platforms such as Monster by turning off all message notifications from recruiters due to irrelevant job postings and hence the profiles are often not updated.

Connectifier delivers the most updated information about candidates by extracting information from various social media platforms, forums, blogs and anywhere else where a person may appear online and seek out the most up-to-date data about people, including how to reach them.

  • By using the search engine technology used by Google and Bing, Connectifier features an Auto Search web browser plug-in that automatically searches for and displays additional profile information about candidates such as contact information and links to social and professional profiles, when recruiters browse profiles on a variety of sites like LinkedIn, GitHub, Meetup, Google+, Quora, Twitter, AngelList,, StackOverflow, Facebook, and Dribbble.

Connectifier Search lets users search through Connectifier’s database of more than 300 million profiles by querying for skills, employment history, and a wide variety of other criteria.

  • Third and the most important part of Connectifier which gives it an upper edge over all the existing recruitment platforms is the use of Artificial Intelligence to develop a single profile from scattered information obtained from various web platforms and forums.

This “entity recognition” happens under the hood while recruiter is looking for a specific name or certain profile attributes of the person she or he wants to find and a composite profile information is then displayed to the recruiter through their web browser via the Auto Search feature or through the main Search interface, allowing users to get more complete and in-depth information about candidates.

Thus essentially Connectifier delivers a final recruitment product to its clients looking for suitable candidates by harnessing and organizing masses of data from the internet. This approach seems to be the main driving force behind the success of Connectifier so far and investor interest in it. Tony Conrad, a partner at True Ventures says,

They have taken what looked like a small problem and by using a data-driven approach have developed it into a pretty significant opportunity. We invested in Connectifier in large part because we believe its data- driven talent search engine is the most important recruiting technology being created today.

It is not just the investors but also the users who are now beginning to see the utility of AI to hire the best people for their organizations. Tobias Rich, VP of Operations at recruiting firm Talener was all praises for Connectifier.

Today, Connectifier is the single most important recruiting tool we use.


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