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Twitter Is Removing 140-character Limit From Direct Messages

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Extending its efforts to bring private messaging to the forefront on its micro blogging platform, Twitter today announced that the 140 characters cap is finally about to be lifted off over its Direct Messages, a feature that Twitter has been overhauling the past several months.

Though twitter touts of its enormous active user base, it has never been more than a broadcast platform. Acknowledging the surging needs of private messaging, Twitter introduced Direct Messages so that you can send a message to whosoever you want in personal.

However, Twitter’s iconic 140 characters limit still persisted and simply didn’t allow you to go beyond that. This could easily bring frustration to people who wish to send a message beyond 140 characters limit, which is usually the case.

Also, this didn’t make any sense as to why Twitter applied this limit as they’re private and not meant to be the same type of quick info bite as a tweet. Moreover, if conversation evolved into anything more significant than swapping links or quick comments, people had to look for alternatives, Facebook perhaps.

This change would also prove to be a huge help, specifically to companies that run customer service on Twitter. Also, it would help Twitter to retain users over its platform itself.

Starting in July, DMs will work much alike a typical instant message and group chat service. However, standard public tweets will still maintain their 140 characters capping and work like as they used to earlier.


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