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Oculus Introduces Consumer Rift Headset With Wireless Xbox One Controller

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It’s been 3 long years since Oculus introduced its Virtual Reality headset to the world. After going through an intensive research and development process, Oculus Rift is finally all set to make a consumer level push. And yes, there is no developer edition in between.

At a special press event organized today, Oculus gave the world, the first look at its consumer virtual reality headset which will ship with a wireless Xbox One controller.

As you may expect, Oculus had integrated all sort of revolutionary technology to its VR headset and does project a bright future in terms of the experience that the headset will offer.

Diving into the specifications part, it features two OLED screens that promise crisp picture clarity and a wide field of view. It also happens to have a tracking system which has a very low latency movement and that the company has refined over the years.

Moreover, there’s also an external sensor that you can put on your desk, which replaces the webcam-like sensor from earlier Oculus headsets. Oculus team has also integrated a pair of headphones into the headset itself, which has that 360-degree spatialized audio.

Build wise, the headset is light weighted and can be held in one hand effortlessly. There’s a dial to better alter the distance between your eyes, plus the whole thing is wrapped by cloth material for extra comfort.

Surprisingly, Oculus Rift will come with a bundled a wireless Xbox One controller and wireless PC receiver. The Rift will work seamlessly with Windows 10, but even better news for gamers is that people will also be able to stream Xbox games. Oculus is also announcing a $10 million prize to encourage game development.

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said –

We wanted to revolutionize gaming, and transform the way we experience entertainment. We set out to finally deliver on the dream of virtual reality.

Oculus also introduced a brand new controller for use with the Rift simply called Oculus Touch. It promises hand presence, manipulation, low mental load, communicative gestures, traditional inputs and a lightweight feel. You’ll get two of them, one for each hand.

The Rift will be available in Q1 2016 for consumer level sale. Meanwhile, other competitors have sprinted to get their devices ready. HTC’s Vive, the Avegant Glyph, and Sony’s Morpheus are expected to ship this year or early next.

Oculus released out its developer kit 3 years ago, when it first laid out its plan for manufacturing Rift. Now that it is ready, we expect it to revolutionize the Virtual Reality experience and take VR space to an another level. Oculus is expected to make more announcements this weekend at W3.



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