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Nvidia Grabs Up TransGaming’s Cross Platform Tech To Boost GameWorks

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In a bid to boost its Gameworks PC project, Nvidia on Thursday, announced the acquisition of TransGaming’s signature cross-platform gaming tech. TransGaming’s tech lets developers shorten that huge gap in integration of games on consoles, PCs and smart TVs.

As an immediate result of this acquisition, Nvidia GameWorks is now setting up a shop in Canada. The deal, which stands at US$3.75 million will be, according to a statement by the company, “at the heart of Nvidia’s Canada office“.

Announcing the Canada Office opening, Nvidia said in a prepared statement,

Canada looms large in the gaming world. It’s home to major game studios such as Ubisoft, Rockstar Vancouver and BioWare. Additionally, Toronto is a leading force in deep-learning, a key focus area for NVIDIA.

More than 300 computational mathematicians, physicists and artists work alongside Nvidia on its GameWorks team. The entire crew works with developers around the world to make games better and faster.

The acquisition will also mean the transfer of Cider™, TransGaming’s core-enablement or translation and related technologies from its portfolio to NVIDIA GameWorks, but will not include SwiftShader — which is the company’s software for 3D rendering.

For TransGaming, not only will the deal allow the company to report a fiscal gain in the first quarter of its 2016, but it will also ensure that it becomes an NVIDIA GRID™ preferred partner. This will mwan that NVIDIA’s cloud gaming technology may just someday be used to supplement TransGaming’s GameTree TV service.

GameWork’s upcoming Toronto office will initially be staffed by TransGaming who will be providing about 15 employees and while this pales in comparison to the more than 300 mathematicians and artists on GameWork’s payroll — it’s certainly a start.



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