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Blackberry May Switch To Android To Power Up Its Next Smartphone

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Finally realising the fact that its once dominating Blackberry OS has been reduced to a marginal entity today, a Reuters report is saying, that Blackberry may be looking to power up its next smartphone through Android, thus indicating that a final goodbye to the corporate poster-boy, Blackberry OS, is nearing.

The Canadian smartphone brand, which at one time dominated the market has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory as it failed to compete with iOS and Android devices while doggedly hanging on to its homegrown BlackBerry OS — a decision which backfired because of lack of applications for the OS and belittled developer interest. Currently, the company occupies less than 1% of the total market.

The company did try other alternatives to counter this sad state of affairs such as bringing out the brand new and revamped  BlackBerry 10 line of phones in 2013. However, in spite of certain initial excitement, nothing substantial happened.

The company maintained a strict silencing saying neither yay nor nay when confronted with the possibility of upcoming Android devices in its basket. An email by the company to Reuters read

We don’t comment on rumors and speculation, but we remain committed to the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which provides security and productivity benefits that are unmatched,

As if that wasn’t enough, a similar silence by Google — who declined to comment on the topic — is making us quite suspicious.

Coming at this point, BlackBerry’s decision to put forward devices running the Android platform will provide dual benefits to the Waterloo based company. Not only it may help revive BlackBerry and give it a fighting chance against iOS other Android based OEMs but it will also give the company a perfect excuse to show off its new device management system, the BES12.

The system which has been prepared keeping corporate and government entities in mind allows users to manage and secure devices connected across a network. Launching an Android device will allow the company to prove that the enterprise security offering is useful across all platforms — a fact that it has been trying hard to get down people’s throat with limited success.

While we do not have many details on the android-that-may-come, sources do say that its going to be the same slider device that the company allowed us a peek at the MWC. The device, which will thus combine a touchscreen with a physical keyboard, is also expected to come with many of the company’s in-house features exclusive to BlackBerry devices and may feature some of the more lauded applications from the BlackBerry 10.

Blackberry already opened up its BlackBerry Messenger to other platforms and is expected to do the same with other hitherto exclusive features such as the BlackBerry Hub. Well, better late than never. Lets just hope that all these efforts pay off amid rumors of further layoffs in the hardware division as the company struggles to maintain its footing in todays ever-changing smart phone market.


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