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Google’s Latest Tech Will Let Indians Experience Faster Internet over 2G

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We are all familiar with the waiting that often follows  internet usage in India. In fact slow internet has been such a common thing that there was a time when no one batted an eyelash when even pages without intense graphics took over half a minute to load. However, with the advent of 3G technology the waiting is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

However, lets not forget our brethren of the 2G. Although it’s a given that the 3G internet is quickly taking care of our internet woes — what about over three quarters of 2G users in India’s rural and semi-urban India ?

In a bid to fasten up internet loading on 2G networks, Google has recently come up with a brand new technology that will let users load pages faster than ever before. Not only that, the pages will also consume lesser data.

Apparently, the technology developed by Google does away with the irrelevant parts of the website, in effect making them faster and lighter. So what you get using this tech is basically not the whole website but only parts of it — however, the parts have been so selected that you don’t really seem to miss anything. Cutting in short, it is a toned down version of a web page, stripped off all data-consuming elements.

However, Google has made sure that monetisation doesn’t get affected. Optimization does not in any way mean that ads will be removed from the pages. Zedo and Sovm  have already agreed to support the advertisement service, while Adsense is already Google’s own. Webmasters can know more about this program by clicking right here.

Lets keep our fingers crossed as we await what may turn out to be faster scores, timetables and all else that is associated with internet usage on smartphones in India.

The tech though, is currently being tested only in Indonesia where faster loading and lesser data consumption has brought an increase of up to 50% in site traffic. Google has already said, that the tech may soon knock Indian doors. The tech giant says,

If you’re in India, with an Android phone and on a slow connection, like 2G, you should start to see pages loading a whole lot faster, while using far less data, via your Chrome or Android browser from Google’s search results.


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