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Facebook Messenger Gets Its First Game, the Doodle Draw

Continuing the aggressive integration of apps on Messenger platform, Facebook has today launched the first game for its standalone messenger app, and the first one to receive this opportunity is Doodle Draw Game.

It is quite known that Facebook has been in talks with developers to convince them to make games for Messenger, ever since it diversified the same into a platform. Moreover, games for Messenger makes a lot of sense and could be extremely valuable to Facebook as far as user engagement is concerned.

Adding games to Messenger would be a way to get more revenue. Even if users don’t end up playing games for very long on Messenger, it’s more time spent on the app.

It was just last year that Facebook turned Messenger into a standalone platform. If Facebook users want to send messages to one another on the social network over their smartphones, it’s a mandatory download.

Back in March, Facebook began letting third parties to tap into Messenger. Adding third-party apps to Messenger could be a way for Facebook to compete against the App Store and Google Play Store.

Facebook’s enormous 600 million active userbase could be used to generate an hefty amount of revenue by letting third parties to explore Messenger’s potential.

Doodle Draw is a fun game that suggests you a fee things that you might wish to draw. It then lets you to draw using a set of colors. Once done, you can send the image to your friend who has to guess what you drew. There are points awarded as per a fixed critirea that you may know by visiting the game.

Facebook might bring other games on board soon.  It is not know as to when Facebook will start taxing developers to grope in some revenue. For now, Facebook doesn’t apply any sort of tax on applications for selling premium features.


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