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With Swift 2, Apple’s Programming Language is now Faster and Open Source

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Apart from all the glitz and glamour which came with the OS X, iOS 9 and Apple Music announcement, Apple also announced a big new upgrade to Swift, its very own programming language which Apple announced at last year’s WWDC.

Swift is Apple’s very own programming language that was conceived to aid developers to develop applications for Apple platforms. Apple had announced Swift in last year’s WWDC. It also immediately published a free iBook to guide devs on the same.

Making it an open source language would allow developers to get an insight of its inner elements and would further ease the development process. Also, it would push all those developers who were still dubious on adopting Swift, into its environments, thus helping Apple spread Swift to a larger number of developers.

Swift is also getting upgraded this year with Swift 2, which includes support for new optimization technology, protocol extensions and much shorter compile times.

However, as of now, Swift will be open source of iOS, OS X and Linux platforms only. We’ll get to know more about Swift in upcoming Apple sessions, so stay tuned.



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