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It Will Be a Tough Battle For Apple Music Here In Asia

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Undoubtedly, Apple eyes a tremendous global success with its music steaming service,which kicked off last night. But on a practical note, Apple will have to make an all-out effort to achieve that and to stand against its rivals, especially in Asia where people aren’t habitual of paying for music stream.

Apple is considering a number of tactics to stand ahead if its rivals in the field and lure as many music lovers as they can. In fact, the service will be provided at zero cost for three months, so that users can get a taste of what they are about to be served. Thereafter, users will be charged at $10 a month.

However, we doubt that even this extensive trial period would make a considerable impact on users in Asian regions. Firstly, users aren’t habitual of paying for such services because of a couple of alternates available that offer streaming service at zero cost with no time limit.

Despite of the enormous music database that Apple might maintain, it seems a tedious task to pull them on to a paid subscription.

And this is not the scenario that Apple would face alone. A couple of giants have attempted to tap into this space in Asian countries like India and China, but eventually ended up in garnering nothing.

On the other hand, Saavn and gaana.com have been offering their services at no charge in India and have received considerable attention from the highly price sensitive audience in this region. While in China, users are accustomed to download music for free from services offered by Chinese Internet giants Tencent and Baidu.

Not only these services offer free music streaming, there’s also the unlimited playback option which makes it really tough for Apple Music to stand against. Analysts say that a $10 price would also aggregate to the factors for luring the audience away, right from the start. A $2 – $5 price would however still make a dent on price-sensitive audience’s intentions.And not to be forgotten is the fact that Apple Music will be available on Android too.

Looking at how Apple has risen up gradually to get itself into the top 5 tier in India and China, you can’t just rule out the possibility of Apple pulling off a similar stint with Apple music. More so, looking at the sheer grandeur with which announcements were made at Apple’s Keynote yesterday, which include that of Beats 1, Music Connect among others, Indians or Chinese might well be pretty much interested in giving Apple music a try.

Apple Music will be a cross-platform service launching on both iOS and Android platforms and their has been no deadline provided as for which the service will be introduced in Asia.


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