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iOS 9 Defaults to Using a 6-Digit Passcode PIN

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While Apple continued to detail about how intelligent the new iOS 9 will be, what it did not focus upon, was an additional security amendment rolling out alongside iOS 9. Now, users will be required to enter a six-digit Passcode PIN, instead of the usual 4 digit one which we are habitual to.

Apple’s small, but important security update will make sure that your Apple device isn’t easily broken into.

Once done, this would change the number of possible combinations from 10,000 to 1 million. Also, after 10 failed attempts to type in the code, the device will erase itself, if you have configured it to be that way.

The new six digit numeric passcode PIN will be set as default passcode state on devices running iOS 9. However, previous versions of the operating system would continue to prompt you to setup a four digit passcode.

If passcode isn’t your kind, you can still set an alphanumeric password and unlock you device just the way you used to earlier.

The move to longer passcodes is not likely to go down well with U.S. Government authorities, who have expressed fears that stronger security measures, including encryption, may make it more difficult to obtain information for time-sensitive investigations.

However, Apple is known to usually value user privacy more than Government snooping. Back in iOS 8’s launch days, Apple went ahead to beef up security in its iOS 8, protecting more sensitive data and employing more protections within hardware to make it harder to access, all of that despite numerous non-public warnings by Government officials.

The latest passcode change will apply to devices that have Touch ID, running on the latest iteration of mobile platform, that is iOS 9. This means only iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 3 are eligible for this change.


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