CarPlay Has Now Gone Wireless

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To much delight of all CarPlay users, Apple, at its WWDC Keynote yesterday, teased Wireless CarPlay.

For those who need a reminder, CarPlay is something Apple came up with back in 2014 which allows the integration of your iOS device with your car’s display unit. This in effect allows you to do stuff like check out calls and messages, play music, use satellite navigation and so on.

What’s more, thanks to Siri — which allows for hands and eyes free operation — something as innocuous as changing the music playing no longer has the potential for a road accident.

However, the app needed you to connect you iOS device to your car’s smart dashboard using a physical wire connection – at least until now. Apple teased wireless carplay, though roll-out isn’t yet confirmed.

In another major breakthrough, automakers will now be able to create apps for CarPlay which will allow control of other car utilities through the app itself, thus doing away with the need to exit the app.

The decision to allow the app to go wire free along with the new found freedom granted to automakers certainly reflects the tech giant’s desire to affect users in every sphere of their life — even while they are commuting, and — considering the fact that people on average spend a lot of time travelling, every single day — it seems to be a pretty smart move.

Although CarPlay on existing cars will still require a wire, yet to come compatible systems will support the wireless configuration – which in the near future may make connecting with your car as simple as getting into it.


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