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Apple Announces iOS 9, Here’s All You Need To Know

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Following its tradition of announcing a brand new upgrade to its mobile devices OS every year, Apple, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference held in San Francisco, has pulled the curtains off from the next iteration of its iPhone operation system, iOS 9.

Apple says that this update will largely focus on making iPhone a little bit more intelligent and offering users a couple of more utilities.

Starting with some major amendments, Apple has put some extra brains to its voice assistant Siri, which is now capable enough to offer app suggestions and more based on context such as time of day or location. Yes, if you are thinking it is slightly in the ‘Google now’ direction, it definitely is.

The feature termed as Proactive, allows Siri to get an insight of apps that you have installed on your phone and suggests useful ones by tracking your current activity.

Siri will also be smart enough to predict your routine and offer up traffic alerts if there happens to be an obstruction on your regular route.

Also,  Siri can now look into your inbox to ID incoming calls and identify the unknown incoming calls.

Spotlight has received a new interface improvisation and will offer you dozen of accessibilities with a single swipe down on your home screen.

Spotlight searches will also let you to access content within apps itself. As noted by Apple, Spotlight has also gifted some intelligence and can now perform unit calculations by a simple query input.

The new iOS 9 will now allow you to share webpages straight into your notes and also to annotate them.

What comes as a surprise is an Apple Maps update, which now will show real time transit information which was recently adopted by Google Maps for selective locations.

Maps will allow you to tap on a subway station and get the departure times for each train running on each line. In addition, the company has worked out the walking distances from the entrance to the platform in each station.



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