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An Upgraded Apple TV Might Not Make An Appearance At WWDC

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While we were awaiting Apple to introduce its new Apple TV hardware at Worldwide Developers Conference next week, it now seems that we might not get a glimpse of it any soon as Apple has reportedly pulled off its plans to unveil the new TV hardware.

Apple has been planning a redesigned Apple TV box with app functionality, Siri voice search, and a new remote control, but it appears those won’t be showcased until later, as per a new report by New York Times’ Brian X. Chen . The TV hardware was also expected to bring along an open Apple TV SDK, allowing any third-party developer to target the platform.

The reason for this delayed launch appears to be the content that Apple TV would be offering to its users. The company and content owners are still attempting to negotiate price, rights and technology issues.

Also, Apple intends to include live, local broadcast networks on a nationwide scale, which also seems to be in its intermediate state. In short, Apple is not yet ready to showcase its new TV hardware.

However, you may still expect Apple to launch a native Watch developer platform and a comprehensive detailing of the new versions of iOS9, OS X and the first major update for Apple Watch.

Apple is expected to release a set of tools which would eventually aid developers and provide them an insight of the watch’s heart-rate and motion sensors, among other components.

Gaining more apps for Apple Watch is crucial to Apple. Apps from outside developers helped increase sales of Apple’s iPhones and iPads by vastly expanding their capabilities. In same manner, third-party apps could become important selling points for the Apple watch.

As for iOS and OS X, Apple is expected to do some fine-tuning and stability improvements. Apple might possibly talk about its new music service as well.


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