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Facebook Tests “Saved Replies” to Allow Businesses to Send Pre-Defined Messages to Customers Through Pages

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Facebook is known to experiment with new features and services to enhance user experience on its website. This time, Facebook appears to be testing a “Saved Replies” feature which would allow brands and business owners to write new replies, save them and reuse them again while responding to the same query, which they face from new customers visiting their Facebook pages.

In addition to it, the feature also enables a search tool which page admins can use to search for particular replies, hence saving significant amount of time. The feature was first discovered by a blog named My Tech Skool.

Initially, the feature also offers couple of sample replies which can be used directly or can be customized, in addition to creating new replies. After setup completion, one just needs to click on saved reply after which it directly appears in the mail body.

This can also be accessed from the message reply box where a new option lets you click a small icon to respond with a Saved Response.

Another cool tweak in the latest feature is the personalization of replies by using auto populating placeholders similar to email messages, which lets you insert a person’s first name or last name, the admin’s first name or last name as well as the Website URL.

The feature is not yet officially announced and was made available only to a small number of people who found the option when they opened up an email to craft a reply to the customer.

Most page owners however did not find any such feature on their pages which is not unusual, considering how Facebook generally follows this approach to first introduce a new feature to a small segment of people and then gradually extend it to other users.

It is noteworthy that large business users generally use professional helpdesk platforms like Zendesk or Freshdesk to handle customer messages initiated from Facebook and the Saved Replies feature seems to be more useful to small businesses, startups, home based businesses which use the traditional method of copying and pasting standard replies into messages.

Nevertheless, the feature is yet another addition by Facebook to upgrade its community management and Page management tools helping the business users to automate the tasks which would otherwise require a considerable time to complete.

For example, the keyword moderation block list feature for Page owners was released by Facebook years ago to help page owners fight spam and moderate or remove unwanted comments automatically.

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