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No More Typo Keyboards For iPhone As BlackBerry And Ryan Seacrest Settle

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Los Angeles-based Typo, the Rya Seacrest-owned brand which manufactured some really cool physical keyboards for iPhone, has agreed to stop selling its smartphone keyboards anywhere in the world. Also, the company won’t sell its keyboards for mobile devices with a screen size of less than 7.9 inches in a response to lawsuit filed by Blackberry.

The Ryan Seacrest-backed company, Typo manufactures Blackberry lookalike physical keyboard that quite comfortably fits into iOS devices, providing an experience of physical keyboard whenever you wish to.

Blackberry filed a lawsuit against the company in February for patent infringements, alleging in a U.S. federal court in California that a second-generation Typo keyboard case introduced in December called the Typo2 rips off BlackBerry’s trademark iconic-keyboard.

The Typo2 feature – which sold for between $79 and $99, depending on the iPhone model – snapped onto an iPhone and provided a physical keyboard that replaced the touch-screen version.

Blackberry’s rivalry with Typo isn’t new though. It had earlier filed a similar case against the first iteration of Typo accessory, which garnered it a staggering sum of $860,600 as per court’s order.

Now that the lawsuit has been filed against the second iteration of this accessory as well, the company has agreed to stop its productions and agree to certain terms that are not being disclosed right now.


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