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Google Is Developing Sensor Chips With Infineon for Smart Watches, Wristbands and Cars

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Despite growing opposition for Google’s driverless car tech in Germany, the biggest chipmaker of Germany, Infineon Technologies has teamed up with Google to develop a small enough chip which can be put into watches or wristbands or into automobile safety systems to detect gestures and recognize individuals.

The collaboration is based on the expertise of Infineon in developing sensor based chips and Google’s expertise in designing unique user interface for technology. Bernd Hops, a spokesman for Infineon

The chip detects motions, recognizes people and is so small it could be used in applications enabling Internet of things, in watches, in wearable like fitness wristbands, or in driver-assistance systems.

We are contributing the hardware, and Google its unique expertise on applications and user-
experience interface.

On being reminded about the existing opposition of automobile companies against Google in Germany, Hops said,

Infineon’s cooperation with Google is open-ended and is based on technology already used in automotive safety.

Google is currently facing a lot of heat from premium German car manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes Benz for its driverless car technology. Almost all of these automobile giants have already employed legal counsel to limit Google’s advancement into the automobile arena.

Google’s ATAP also announced a similar project for textiles and fabrics, called Project Jacquard, which aims at weaving sensors and related electronics directly into your clothes,


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