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Facebook Has Officially Started To Support GIFs

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Finally after realizing the magnitude of its demand, Facebook has rolled out support for GIFs in status updates.

In order to embed a GIF, you just need to drop in a link in your status to a GIF hosted on any site, like Tumblr or Imgur, and the GIF will magically appear in your post.

However, if you directly upload a GIF to your status update, Facebook will convert it into a static one. Maybe, Facebook will work on this element too once it is done with testing the current scenario. Also, the feature doesn’t seem to work for pages.

Though GIFs could be integrated to posts (once you follow few complex steps) for quite some time , the company has been scary about that as it believed GIFs could bring some sort of instability.

The feature also worked in its full glory on Facebook’s mobile application but not on mobile website. Facebook is yet to refine this feature though and you can expect more to come.



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