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Google Announces Brillo, An Operating System For Internet Of Things

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Further tapping into the space of Internet of things, Sundar Pichai at Google I/O conference today, announced a whole new operating system designed specifically for IoT stuff, Brillo.

Brillo is like, something less than Android that is designed to work for lower levels, like establishing a communication connection between connected devices. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and other Android key elements. The common standard that makes this connection possible is called Weave.

Weave is a communication layer that will enable IoT devices to talk to one another and interact with cloud and  your phone. Weave will be responsible for controlling the actions for all your connected devices. This means your smart lock, your connected light bulbs, your intelligent thermostat, and anything else in your internet of things will be able to talk to each other.

Weave exposes developer APIs in a cross-platform manner, so any connected device will speak the same language.

Pichai said –

We want to connect devices in a seamless and intuitive way and make them work better for users.

In order to reach to this accomplishment, Google has used technology from Nest, the company that it acquired earlier. A developer preview for Brillo will come in third quarter of this year


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