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Google Announces Android M As a Major Upgrade To Lollipop

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While we were waiting for some big announcement at keynote address of Google’s annual developer conference, the search giant has announced the next iteration to its Android OS, and, for now, has named it Android M.

And in case if you are wondering how soon will Google launch its new Android version, especially when Android Lollipop has not made appearance to a majority of devices yet, you will be surprised to know that the Android M will make an appearance to devices later this year.

Curious to know what all the new OS will bring along ? Google’s Sundar Pichai said that while Android 5.0 Lollipop was all about introducing a new design and interface, M will basically focus on improving the stability and usability of the software.

Least has been told about what M in Android M will stand for. Yes, you can make a couple of guesses until Google officially announces it.

Google noted that it has been closely monitoring all of those changes that device manufacturers have made to its Android OS and is working towards integrating all of those key elements into the core system itself.
Google has also made some amendments to the permissions that app seeks for and prompts user for an authorization. The new settings will give users the right to accept and revoke permissions to apps for enhanced security and privacy. This will be accomplished via a new dashboard where you can find all these settings.

Currently, applications prompt users to authorize all demanded permissions at once, which the new Android version intends to change. There will be only eight categories of permissions available to apps, which will be asked when needed.

Android M is also bringing along a feature called Chrome Custom Tabs which will allow developers to run apps closely with the Chrome browser, having the app actually running over top of the app itself. Chrome features like automatic sign-in, saved passwords, autofill, and multi-process security are all now available to app developers within their apps.

Google is also descending an update upon Android’s built-in app linking system which will simply bypass the “Open with” window and directly take you to respective application when clicked upon a link that is supposed to direct you towards that application.
What comes as a big surprise is Android Pay, the ascendant to Google Wallet. Yes, it works much alike Apple Pay and will let you make payments in same way as Apple does. Your Android device should have NFC and a fingerprint sensor in order to support this feature.

Google said that upon testing Android M on a Nexus 6 device, twice of the standby time was received. Also, Google is adding USB TYPE C to Android for faster charging.  It also lets users charge other devices with their Android phone.

Google has promised that the new Android will be cleaner than ever and will offer an ultra smooth experience. Google is making M available as a developer preview for the Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Nexus Player, with a full release later this year.


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